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Ask Yourself, do any of these describe you and your situation?

  • Do you no longer enjoy OR love living in your home? Possibly the home isn’t what it used to be and you can’t or don’t want to fix it up?
  • Do you want someone to do what they say and buy your property in days or weeks rather than list with a Realtor?
  • Are you going through a divorce?
  • Are you sick and tired of your tenants or possibly have tax delinquent liens against your home that you want to get rid of right now?
  • Do you DREAD the thought of constantly keeping up with repairs? How much will it cost to fix – possibly thousands or tens of thousands to get your home ready to sell?
  • Do you want someone to keep you updated and be a part of the process every step of the home sale?
  • Have you inherited the home or need someone to quickly liquidate so you and your family can move on with your life?

If any of these apply, we understand and have encountered these situations before…especially the ones that hit your financial pocket book.  Our entire process is to empower you to take back control of the situation to get through it and solve the issues at hand.

The thing is, there isn’t a way we can just know how to solve the possible issues without fully getting to you know first. By simply filling out the form below or giving us a call, we can work together to make sense of your particular situation to propose options to potentially change your life and family’s lives for the better.

We guarantee we will contact you within 24 hours as this is 100% free to you. No fees, no obligation and no commitment offer.  JAG Buys Indy Homes, an Indianapolis Home Buyer have created some resources for you to look into on this page to help you figure out if we are the right company for you.


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