Selling A Home In Mapleton Fall Creek Indianapolis


Written By Jimmy Shatara

Are you from the North Side of Indianapolis and live in Mapleton-Fall Creek? You know about how much has changed in this historic neighborhood that spans from the east and south by Fall Creek Parkway all the way to Meridian Street to the west and runs up to the north to 38th street. Let me tell you a little about this neighborhood where its been and where it looks to be headed in the future.

History of the MFC Neighborhood:

According to Wikipedia, “the neighborhood boasting towering trees, winding boulevards, and a wonderful blend of start of the 20th century homes that feature details and designs of the Tudor Revival, Colonial Revival, and Arts and Crafts styles. Many homes are more stately, while others are more modest in nature.”
The type of architecture is quite evident the majority of the homes spanning all over 130 years with the neighborhood being created in the 1870s. The area homes have not really changed as Mapleton Fall Creek hasn’t had much of new construction in the past several decades even as recent as the early 2010s.

Present Day:

As it stands right now, the neighborhoods throughout the area from 30th and Washington all the way up to 37th and Birchwood down to Guilford, Ruckle and New Jersey streets, the access to both the Indianapolis Fairgrounds, Monon Trail and Fall Creek trail have made it more attractive to both residents within the Downtown Indianapolis area as well the suburbs of Carmel, Fishers and beyond.
There are many groups that are looking to support the residents in both Mapleton Fall Creek and Historic Meridian Park. Also with Mapleton Fall Creek properties and homes for rent in the area declining, its a great place to raise your family

The MFCNA and Mid-North Council “have worked to provide creative social services to neighborhood residents” according to a recent article by IUPUI.

Future Plans:

I can see Mapleton Fall Creek’s growth to steadily increase as its close the proposed new construction on 38th and Meridian corridors, the ongoing construction at the Children’s Museum and proximity to Ivy Tech Indianapolis.

Seeing that our company buys Indianapolis homes in this area, we are looking to buy your home for a quick cash sale.
This can happen in a variety of ways but the best way to explain it is as follows:

1. Any Home Condition Is Fair To Us:

If you have any home repairs you haven’t made such as a leaky roof, bad foundation, fire or water damage or just needs new flooring or paint, we will buy your home from you. The best part is that you don’t need to fix a thing.

2. You Choose The Closing Date:

Many homes we buy is within a 7 day timeframe or less. Unlike other wholesalers in Indiana where they might “assign” your property to another buyer that may or may not actually follow through on buying your home, We will CLOSE and BUY your home if we commit to it. Like you, every home selling situation is different but we work around your schedule to get you to the closing table.

3. We Buy In Cash, No Lender or Credit Involved:

When we discuss your situation on the phone before we visit your home, our company associates and I are clear about one thing: we don’t have anyone to answer to and we have our own money, not a bank, making the decision to buy your house.

4. You Pay ZERO Fees or Realtor Commissions To Sell:

Even though our owner is a licensed Realtor, JAG isn’t looking to list your home on the market and have you pay multiple fees such as Realtor commissions or closing costs. You DON’T PAY A DIME, we handle everything for you.


If you’re thinking about selling a home in Mapleton Fall Creek and need to sell, call us at 317-689-8699

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